The Chuck Maddox Homage Watch : Omega Seamaster Pro Chrono Diver Titanium“This isn't an elegant dress chronograph, it is a bruiser of the tool watch and certain won't fit under anyone’s shirt cuff if you don't possess a wrist how big is Michael Jackson’s and are also wearing Arnold Schwartzenegger’s shirt.Chuck Maddox (27th of May, 2003)Photograph by Chuck MaddoxA weeks ago I was in The big apple and met with Bill Sohne (collector of fantastic watches and moderator from the Omega forum of PuristsPro) for just a coffee along with a small discuss replica watches. We discussed lots of replica watches, including this Omega Seamaster Professional Chronograph in titanium (ref.2298.80) he bought, often known as the SeMPC Ti. Bill explained that during his long friendship while using legendary Chuck Maddox, he previously had to know relating to this SeMPC Ti occasionally while, as it was one among Chuck’s favourite replica watches to wear or at least to get in his ‘rotation programme Also, Bill informed me that she did a write-up with this watch recently for his forum, on the 2nd anniversary of Chuck Maddox passing (click this link you just read it) about the 12th of May.As Chuck once wrote for the subscriber list regarding Omega replica watches: “……there are some which can be kept close by because they are favorites.  I get a several 3-position cases that we have “go-toreplica watches,  We've three Omega Go-To’s: My SeMPC (my all weather watch of choice in the event the forecast is made for heavy weather), my 145.012-67 c.321 Pre-Moon, and my 1950’s no-Model Omega square pusher (primarily because it’s bracelet is of your length I will put it on on either wrist). “Listening to Bill, I realized i always recognized his story pretty much. From 1999 till 2008, I had a lot of hitting the ground with Chuck Maddox. Mostly by e-mail and AIM but not always sticking with the same frequency, unfortunately. He previously had mentioned his SeMPC Ti in my experience, speculate it turned out created from titanium and has this ETA/Valjoux 7750 movement, I didn’t pay much focus on it. Are both not my style, at least I was thinking so. In 2000, I tried the metal form of this watch, but besides being beyond my budget, it was too thick to fit under my cuff. I went for the ‘James Bondref.2531.80 (that we reviewed here, in 2000) instead.As i returned home from New york city, I immediately started shopping for a SeMPC Ti diver watch. Furthermore, i visited the ChronoMaddox website and focus this short article Chuck wrote in 1999, breitling watches replicas with this similar watch. His enthusiasm with this watch works very catching, at the very least in my experience. Inside the following quoted paragraph, Chuck covers the ref.2298.80 SeMPC Ti:“The Seamaster Pro Chronograph is of interest since it is the watch that “has it all”Chronometer rating, Automatic Winding mechanical movement with great resiliency and parts availability, Chronograph rolex 116509 , Calendar, watches Helium Release Valve , Sapphire Crystal, a completely incredible bracelet w/divers extension & twin push button safety release, non-slip caseback, easily obtainable in a variety of material’s: dial/bezel colors, great water resistance rating, and the show stopper: the unmatched capacity to operate the chronograph underwater without compromising the stream Resistance on the watch. Few other mechanical watch boasts which include. Jeff Huber and that i (among many others) say it’s the best sports chronograph available on the market, therefore you know whatPeople don’t reason that point about.”After a day of strawling the auctions, Chrono24 and a report on on-line dealers, I personally found one by using an on-line Dutch marketplace. Found at a jeweller store nearby my property town, I immediately made a scheduled visit to visit there and check-out this SeMPC Ti.To produce a long story short, I purchased it to get a reasonable price, such as box and booklets. No warranty card unfortunately, nevertheless the 6,00,xxxx number tells me it's dated 1996 (correct me if I’m wrong). Although I figured that it watch would be a nice homage to Chuck Maddox, When i find myself wearing it tremendously.The bracelet looks a tad out of date (introduced in 1993), it wears comfortable. Same applies to the titanium, although I don’t like replica watches that happen to be too light for their size, this is in fact still a huge weight at 142.7 grams. At the least in comparison with my other watches. The Valjoux 7750 movement was maybe the biggest hiccup, but the wobble is not as annoying while i thought it might be. For your readers not really acquainted with this movement, it only winds in one direction as well as the rotor spinning from the other (free) direction results in a wobble around the wrist you could feel and may think it is annoying.It seems that I will accept all of these facts after all 🙂 Chuck was in his summary quoted above, it is a chronograph that's everything.Photograph of my own SeMPC Ti Diver, together with Kreuzer’s ‘Omega Designsbook.Although late Chuck Maddox will forever be related to Speedmasters and vintage Heuers, in addition to Bill Sohne I think about this ref.2298.80 SeMPC is the Chuck Maddox Homage Watch. omega seamaster replica watches
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